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starsoid's Journal

13 November
I guess you could call me a musician... Am passionate about music and creativity in general. Play harpsichord mostly, but bits of piano, organ, singing, etc.

Live in Melbourne, love the city and the coffee.

Love the outdoors, hiking, being in the middle of nowhere...
absurdism, adventure, adventures, alan rickman, alternative music, art, art deco, art nouveau, audrey tautou, autumn leaves, avant garde, bach, backpacking, baroque, baroque opera, bassoons, beauty, beethoven, cabaret, camping, clarity quest, cocktails, coffee, collaborations, composing, composition, contemporary composers, continuo, conversations, cooking, countertenors, couperin, creativity, crisp winter days, daria, dave brubeck, design, diamanda galas, donna aston, early music, eckhart tolle, electronic music, equality, experimental music, felpeyu, feminism, feng shui, figured bass, films, filmscores, flook, food, freedom, funky clothes, glaciers, greg egan, haircuts, handel, harpsichords, hiking, historical performance, history, idealism, il giardino armonico, improvisation, jane austen, jazz, john coltrane, john cusack, joni mitchell, l'arpeggiata, left politics, leonard cohen, live music, live theatre, love, loving what you do, luciano berio, lust, mahler, making the world better, marion zimmer bradley, marxism, messiaen, miles davis, minimalism, mojitos, monteverdi, mountains, movies, mozart, music, musique concrete, neil gaiman, new music, nick cave, nina simone, no war, organic food, pampering myself, performance art, permaculture, philosophy, politics, punk, rameau, reading, red priest, red wine, renaissance, road trips, scarlatti, scary clowns, schubert, scorpios, sculpture, simon & garfunkel, singing, socialism, soundscapes, south park, sponsoring a child, stanley kubrick, sunny autumn days, sustainable living, tattoos, teddy tahu rhodes, terry riley, the artist's way, theatre, thomas hardy, tolstoy, tom waits, travelling, twin peaks, vintage fashion, vivaldi, waffles, walter carlos, weird time signatures, writing, yoga, zelenka